Beacon Money Advice Centre (BMAC)

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There are many reasons why people get into debt: loss of job; family breakup; a gambling habit; student loans; mortgage interest hikes; tempting offers of easy credit and so on. We therefore aim to provide support and advice to anyone who is worried about their debts.

The Beacon Money Advice Centre (BMAC) is a satellite of the Bridge Money Advice Centre in St Ives and together we offer free-of-charge, friendly, caring and professional debt advice to the local community. Our service is impartial and comes from compassion for those whose lives are being troubled by debt. We help those in financial difficulties by putting together debt management plans, which include a budget for the client to live on and a repayment proposal to give to creditors. Our budgets are flexible enough to mean that clients can realistically live according to them, and our repayment proposals to creditors allow debts to be repaid fairly. We have received excellent local press coverage and have built relationships with MPs, council officials and other many other local professional services. Most importantly we are seeing people’s lives changed as a result of using the centres – we are providing hope to the most desperate of situations and a bridge out of debt and the anxiety that goes with it. We work on an appointment basis to fit in with personal circumstances and have offices in Bluntisham and St.Ives.

In need of debt advice?

Then why not give our friendly, free-of-charge debt advice service a call on: 01480 498802. Alternatively, you can email: and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

BMAC is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

The Beacon Money Advice Centre/ The Bridge Debt Advice Service is authorised to carry out:

  • Provision of debt-adjusting on a non-commercial basis only
  • Provision of debt-counselling on a non-commercial basis only

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