It’s my first time at Bluntisham Baptist Church

What are your services like?

Sunday services begin at 10.30am, but many people arrive from 10.15am. We do have a small car park and some people park along the road. We would ask that everyone is considerate to our neighbours when parking. There is always someone at the main entrance of the church saying hello to everyone as they arrive. They can help you choose somewhere to sit and introduce you to other people in church, if you would like them to.

Our services consist of prayer, sung worship, bible readings and a short sermon. There is no standard format and may be different from week to week. All the words of the songs are projected onto the white wall at the front of church.

There are welcome leaflets at the back of the church which tells you all about us and what other groups we hold here during the week.

Do you have Sunday School?

We welcome everyone of all ages to our services. We have provision for babies, children and youth.

Everyone stays together for the first part of the service and then at about 11 am the babies, children and youth go out for their own sessions in the church hall and Fellowship Room. Please just follow the crowd.

What happens when the service ends?

The service normally ends around 11.45am. Most people stay for a chat over coffee, tea and biscuits in the hall.

Do I need to dress smartly?

Please come to church as you feel most comfortable. The way people dress for church is not important to God.

Do I just come along on Sunday?

You will be welcome at any of the other midweek activities that you feel are relevant to you. A quick look at this website underlines that there is plenty going on other than Sunday worship, or if you’ve come to a service you can find out more by chatting to people over coffee.

How’s your accessibility?

The main church building is fully accessible and there is a disabled parking space in the car park with a path leading to the church. There is a loop system for those who need it, and we can provide large print song sheets.

We have an accessible toilet just off the Fellowship Room in the main building and another in the church hall.

Do I need to believe in God to come to church?

Not at all. Everyone is welcome.

If something has aroused your interest in what Christianity is all about, then this is a great place to be. As a church we believe that God longs to have a relationship with everyone.

If you would like to know more about what we believe, then please visit this page or talk to anyone in church.

Can I talk to someone before coming?

Absolutely. Please call our church administrator, Michelle Gore, on 07989 558124.

If you would like to be met at the front gate so that you don’t have to walk in alone then we will happily arrange this.

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