meridian needingworth
Where do we meet?Usually alternate homes in Needingworth, Colne & St Ives – the location of the 0o meridian!
What day of the week and how often do we meet?Every week – Thursdays at 7.30pm
What kinds of activities do we do?YouTube worship, discuss the sermon/DVD/topic to make it relevant to our daily lives (with plenty of debate and opportunity for prayer) and always with refreshments! Everyone gets a chance to lead/facilitate various segments as the priesthood of all believers.
Our homegroup is….A social bunch, powered by WhatsApp to stay connected and make arrangements. Encouraging and energising – a safe place to navigate the ups and downs of life and spur each other on.
Why should you join?If you like getting involved and sharing life – and if you enjoy fish ‘n chips!
Leaders and contact informationChristine Newlove
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