All about Church Meetings

In a Baptist Church it is not the minister, leaders or deacons who make all the decisions but the whole church; that is, all its members meeting together.

What happens at church meetings?

We believe that it is the church meeting together that discerns the will of God for the church to go forward in its tasks. So church meetings provide a forum for the discussion of matters which concern the life of the church, and for decisions to be made about how we can best fulfill our purposes.

How does the Church make its decisions at these meetings?

Major decisions are decided by a majority vote.  But it is important to remember that we do not see the vote simply as a democratic process, but as a way of discerning God’s will for us as a Church.

Who can come to Church Meetings?

Anyone from the Fellowship is welcome to join our Church meetings.  However, only those who are members are able to vote.

When and where?

Church meetings are held bi-monthly in the church.  They normally start at 7.45pm and normally last about an hour and a half.  The dates are published in the Church calendar.

Please contact the Church Administrator if you would like any further information. 

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