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This page is intended to give a photographic record of progress of the project, once work starts this will be updated so there is a record of how things change over time.


In 2020 there weren't many changes to the building as most of the year was used for planning.

  • 1_Front_with_old_daisFront with old dais
  • 2_Front_with_dais_removedFront with dais removed
  • 3_Pews_to_south_side_in_fullPews to south side in full
  • 4_Pews_-_removed_for_easy_access_in_southPews - removed for easy access in south side
  • 5_Balcony_with_organ_in_placeBalcony with organ in place
  • 6_Balcony_after_organ_removedBalcony after organ removed
  • 7_Stairs_to_nowhere_in_place'Stairs to nowhere' in place
  • 8_Stairs_to_nowhere_removed'Stairs to nowhere' removed

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