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What is happening at the moment?

Each month the Next Steps group and Next Steps Finance group will provide a joint news sheet on the progress of the project. 

Please download the latest copy of the news sheet by clicking herenoticeboard-news

Planning permissions, a grant and loan facility

SUCCESS We have now obtained permission from Huntingdonshire District Council for the entire project
SUCCESS We have obtained Listed Building Consent for the entire project
SUCCESS We have Conditional Approval from Building Control for the entire project
SUCCESS We have fortunately been awarded a £25,000 grant from The Norwood and Newton Settlement.
SUCCESS We have secured a loan for the project

Why now?

Over the last nine years the improvements made to the Church Hall have proved to be hugely valuable and is now used by the community on a daily basis. As a consequence, it has actually brought into sharp focus the inadequacies of the main Church in serving the various users to the fullest potential.

Due to the generosity and commitment of church members, all loans associated with the refurbishment of the Church Hall have been repaid – ahead of schedule – and the church now believes it has the financial and personnel resources to commit to resolving the larger issues holding back the potential of the work of the church.

How is the building work progressing?

Construction is being undertaken in two parts. Phase One for the rear rooms started in late March 2021 and Phase Two for the main worship area and the front entrance started in June 2021. After undergoing the tender exercise, Hunts Construction Ltd was awarded both phases.

It is anticipated that we will take possession of most of Phase One by the end of August 2021 and for the rest of the building by Christmas 2021.

For details on progress each month, please go to the Next Steps news sheet by clicking on the link above.

How will the church activities function during the period of building work?

Now that construction has started for both phases, and covid restrictions still limit capacity, the regular Sunday Services are being delivered through a mixture of live outdoor services, live zoom and recorded zoom.

We have retained use of the church hall throughout the period of refurbishment, and we anticipate that this will continue until the project is complete.

The project
Underpinned with prayer
Financing the project
What will it look like?

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