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What is happening at the moment?

Each month the Next Steps group and Next Steps Finance group will provide a joint news sheet on the progress of the project. 


Please download the latest copy of the news sheet by clicking on the image above or herenoticeboard-news

When will the building work commence?

Once planning permissions have been obtained, and the Finance Team decide the time is right, and the NS Team and Deacons agree, then, there will be a final proposal put to members asking whether they give approval to apply for a BU loan to finance the balance of the project costs, and to instruct the chosen contractors to commence the main build. The actual start date on site will then depend on the availability of the chosen contractor.

How will the church activities function during the period of building work?

Firstly, we hope to retain use of the church hall throughout the period of refurbishment. We also hope to minimise the amount of time that we are not able to use the main church building. We will explore possibilities of where we can hold regular Sunday services once we know just when the work will be carried out and how long it will take. The aim will be to keep as close to the church site as we can.

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