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next steps

Bluntisham Baptist Church is an outward facing church taking a prominent place in Bluntisham and the surrounding villages, and has had an impact on the wider community. You can read about our history here.

Over the years several areas of both the church and the church hall have been identified as being in need of repairs and refurbishment. The “Renewal Project” in 2010 saw the church hall completely updated which included a modern kitchen and toilet facilities and a welcoming entrance to the church hall. It has been of enormous benefit to the church members as well as the wider community and is well used.

Attention is now focussed on the main church building. In 2016 we undertook a vision discernment process, and 10 priority areas identified, one of which was how we best use our buildings, facilities and resources. In 2017 the “Next Steps” team was formed to look at the next phase of repairing the essential defects and of building refurbishment and it started by asking the church two questions:

  • What do you want the building to say when people come into that space?
  • What do you think the building is for?

All of this process was grounded in prayer and as a result the Vision Statement was created:

‘Next Steps’ Vision Statement for the Church Building

Our vision is for an attractive, God-centred church building that it is primarily a place of worship – an inviting place to meet with God and with each other.

Our vision is for a building that is accessible to everyone and is welcoming, warm, comfortable and safe.

Our vision is for the building to be updated to modern standards and be equipped for the future, while remaining sympathetic to its history.

This vision was also illustrated by a church member while on a church weekend away

next steps vision


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