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Jaffa is a club run for children in school years 3 – 6. It happens on the second Sunday of every month from 6.00pm to 7.15pm in the church hall. This is a time where the children can have fun, meet new friends and even have time to eat together! During the evening, they have the opportunity to take part in lively games and quizzes and have a chance to produce exciting art and craft activities. In addition to this, we provide multimedia that is relevant to them and helps to reinforce the theme of the week. This could include video clips, music and pictures that relate to the topic. We always ensure that each child has something to take home to remind them of the session focus. Our purpose is to show the children how much God loves them in an exciting and meaningful way.

Secure      We provide an environment where we want children to feel safe, loved and accepted and able to build friendships.
Exciting Games and activities promote learning that is fun and relevant.
All inclusive Every child is welcome.
Relevant We introduce children to the Bible and provide Bible teaching that relates to issues children face today.
Creative Activities are diverse, stimulating and provide opportunities for children to be imaginative.
Honest We believe what we teach and will be open and honest with the children. We hope they will feel comfortable enough to be honest and open with us.

At the end of the autumn and winter terms we have a film party with popcorn and at the end of the summer term the children look forward to the annual water party with games and food.

We would love you to join us. If you would like more information please contact Sharon Cusworth by email here or call the Church office 01487 843538

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