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Beacon Money Advice Centre (BMAC)

There are many reasons why people get into debt: loss of job; family breakup; a gambling habit; student loans; mortgage interest hikes; tempting offers of easy credit and so on. We therefore aim to provide support an advice to anyone who is worried about their debts.

How do we operate?

If you would like to arrange an initial confidential interview you can either call us on 07500 479160 or send an email to . All interviews will be conducted with two trained advisers who will help you to sort out your paperwork and prioritise your debts.

We help you by putting together a debt management plan, which includes a budget for you to live on and a repayment plan to give to your creditors (lenders). The budgets will be flexible enough for you to realistically live within them and the repayment proposals to creditors will allow debts to be repaid fairly. If it becomes clear that you cannot afford the monthly repayments then the advisers will write to the creditors on your behalf to request a reduction in the monthly payments.

adviceOur service is impartal, completely confidential and rooted in a desire to help those whose lives are being troubled by debt. No charge will be made for the help and assistance offered. We work under the auspices of the Community Money Advice charity and are supported by the Bridge Money Advice Centre in St Ives who have many years’ experience of providing debt advice.

The Beacon MAC uses the excellent facilites in the new Church Hall and is open (by prior appointment) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm - 9pm and on Saturday mornings.


bmac family If you would like to try and resolve your financial issues on your own before contacting us then we have produced a self-help manual to guide you through the basics of the process which you can download from here

To complement the self-help manual a budget sheet is also available for you to calculate your total income and expenditure so that you may easily see how much money you have to spend at the end of each month. To access the budget sheet click here

CCF grant logoContact Details

Telephone: 07500 479160


The Beacon Money Advice Centre is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out:

  • Provision of debt-adjusting on a non-commercial basis only
  • Provision of debt-counselling on a non-commercial basis only

Interim Permission Number: 639504